3 SEO Myths Every One Must know and Real Reality

3 SEO Myths and Real Reality

3 SEO Myths Every One Must know and Real Reality

3 SEO Myths and Real Reality

SEO is dead

This is one of the biggest SEO myths that must be buried. It is annoying to hear people say “SEO is dead”. What they don’t understand is that SEO will survive as long as the search engines are around. Whenever a keyword is inserted into the search engine, users will see pages that are related to that particular search term, called SEO. While advertisements surface, they are used for PPC marketing, which is another strategy to gain conversions.


Certainly, SEO is not dead as others say. It simply continues to change and update every now and then. When comparing previous SEO methods with the current SEO strategy, there are several improvements.

This can be annoying when the strategy used for all SEO efforts is not successful and does not produce the expected results. However, SEO is a vast domain of both traditional and new strategies that fools to declare that “SEO is dead”.

Valuable content will automatically rank

The popular phrase “Content is king” is not entirely correct. If this was the case, those who spin the same content over and over again should rank at the top in search engines.

However, this does not happen.

Many spammers use this strategy to get high rankings on search results but it is useless. As a matter of fact, some changes need to be made such as valuable content plus great SEO strategy leads to a higher position.


While it is true that search engines value fresh, valuable content, this does not mean that there is no effort required to crawl and index the content. Later, the crawler will find out about the content and index it but this is certainly not enough.

To attract search engines, crawlers must be assisted to search for recently published content. Creating and presenting a sitemap for Google will help its bot efficiently crawl all active pages on a domain, which means, Google will know where each page is on a website and the pages they are assigned to SERPs. Should not be added to

Some say “link building is dead” while others say “link building is dangerous”. In actuality, however, links are important and will continue to be one of the most important factors of ranking. There are people who avoid Google penalty so they don’t like anything to do with link building and use PPC instead of SEO.

You may have heard many times that “link building is dead” or “link building is dangerous”.

Such reasons arose about this myth.


Link building should be an essential part of SEO strategy, if not the dominant one. However, the website and price relevant to the web must contain genuine links. Creating low quality links is risky. Improving the ranking of the website through low quality links will surely make link building dead. Therefore, it is best to develop a great network for building backlinks, as well as using informative, high quality content that gives value to readers and persuades other sites to associate with this content.

Long-form content = top ranking

Long-form content can improve search engine rankings, but it is not so easy. As far as SEO is concerned, there are many factors that contribute to a high quality site.

To rank higher in Google SERPs in this age of sparrows, focus on getting user intent and editorial links. They are the easiest route to follow.

The thing is that people deeply value content. But, in fact, most of the long articles are not so valuable to the user, thus it does not provide the website a good basis for content marketing.

The question to ask yourself : “Does the page have enough value compared to other pages of search results?”

When I analyzed some of the top search results, I found that long-form content ranked, but not in the # 1 position.

In summary, long-form content can improve your ranking, but here are some tips:

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