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If you’re new here be share this article with your friend on the notification bell. Today I’m going to share something that I’ve been wanting to share for a long time.

I’ve been passionate about this for years and it’s finally time for me to… Shine?

Sure I want to talk about 5 beauty secrets that no one in the beauty industry really ever hits on or tells you straight up.

They all just promote products. And products are great products are helpful … but if you’re not doing these five things then you’re probably not going to age well. At least in my opinion.

I’m not an expert but I’ve done the research. Ever since I was 18 or 19 years old I’ve been obsessed with anti-aging stuff. You can ask my mom. I literally used to spend all of my savings on anti-aging products. I’ve gotten really into it over the years and I’m just going to share everything I know with you guys.

It doesn’t matter how young you are if you’re watching this. It’s never too early to start doing preventative skincare. Like I said I started doing that in my teens. People told me I was crazy but the thing is that a lot of people don’t realize or think about until it happens is your skin starts showing signs of aging in your mid 20s. Some people even earlier than the age of 25.

If you want to age slowly you have to start before it starts happening. That’s my recommendation. Before we get into it just give this video a thumbs up if you feel like being nice and supportive. I’ll just wait for you guys to do that real quick.

Okay done? Okay. Cool. Yeah let’s get into it. Lifestyle is a huge factor. if you smoke a lot drink a lot if you don’t get enough sleep if you eat a lot of sugar and processed foods or if you’re just really stressed out that’s all going to contribute to aging. Especially premature aging.

It’s going to cause wrinkles fine lines dull skin. None of that stuff is good. It’s really important to drink a lot a lot of water because your skin gets dehydrated really easily and it shows through redness. Like I said dull skin fine lines and wrinkles over time. I usually carry around a jug of water during the day. This one’s from HydroJug.

They have really cute pastel color jugs and you guys know I love my pastel colors. And they’re only 20 bucks so they’re great. My goal is to always- Oh sorry. What? You have a bra hanging out here . Okay- I just want you to put your stuff away. I know. Can I finish my video? Yeah I’m sorry.

laughs It’s so hard filming here in my house because everybody’s always walking around talking. And I feel like I’m being too loud because I’m using my filming voice well now I’m using my quiet voice. But… where was I? Getting back in the zone.

It’s always my goal to start in the morning with it full and by the end of the day at least drink one of these if not two. It’s just super important to drink water instead of pop sodas alcohol milk. Milk is not good for your skin. Ooh.

If you guys drink milk and you have acne try getting rid of dairy and it might change it a lot for you. Also make sure you’re eating a lot of fruits and veggies and healthy fats like olive oil and nuts. Make sure that you’re taking your supplements. Take a multivitamin.

Also A C and E are all vitamins that are really good for your skin. That’s also a really good way to make sure that your skin is getting the nutrients it needs to stay youthful. Prevent dry skin at all costs. If you have dry skin that’s going to create fine lines and wrinkles earlier on than if you have moist hydrated dewy skin.

If you’re also in a dry climate area it really helps to have a humidifier. I turn my humidifier on at night and I sleep next to it. Ever since I started sleeping literally putting my head next to a humidifier at night it is made the world of a difference for me. I feel like I wake up with baby soft model skin and I don’t need as much makeup anymore … which is so nice honestly.

This is the one I use. It’s from Elechomes and I’ll link it in the description for you guys if you decide you want to get one after I explain it to you. But basically I love this humidifier because you can also add essential oils to it.

If you don’t just want water to come out and you want to create more of a mood or you want to feel calmer and more energized you can put the different oils in like peppermint oil to help with clarity or lavender oil to help you feel relaxed at night.

I love that. I love making the vibe of the room match however I want to feel. Okay but back to the benefits. When you just use the mist you have the option between warm mist and cool mist so that you’re comfortable year round.

If it’s a winter and you’re freezing you want the warm mist to come out you have that option. But either way you’re getting that additional moisture and hydration that your skin needs to look stunning. Also you can set a timer.

You can also put it on sleep mode so that it is going the entire time you’re asleep and you can’t even hear it. It’s actually in my room right now and it’s going and can you hear anything? Because I can’t. Comment if you can hear it because I cant I can’t.

It’s so quiet. I got it from Amazon. It arrived in just a few days and I’ve been obsessed with it since I got it. Oh oh oh! If you want super plump young looking just really good lips put hyaluronic acid on your lips at night and sleep next to the humidifier and you’ll wake up and your lips will look so good.

If you’re trying to get ready for a photo shoot or you just want to look good with no makeup on then try that. It’s life -changing. Life-changing. I’m done talking about dehydrated skin. Get the humidifier if you have an issue with dry skin is all I’m going to say. I’m going to the next one now.

clap sunscreen The amount of friends and family I have that when I … Okay. I’ll ask my friends and be like “Do you put on sunscreen in the morning?” And they’re like “No.

” And I’m like “What are you doing? You’re going to ruin your skin for the rest of your life.” You might feel like the world is yours right now when you’re young but if at the age of 25 you’re showing signs of aging it’s probably because of all the sun exposure you got and all those sunburns you got and all those times you just didn’t protect your skin from UV rays.

Sun exposure and genetics are the top two factors to premature aging that nobody thinks about. They think “Well if the sun’s not out I don’t need sunscreen.

” Nah uh. Nah You need to wear SPF 30 every single day even in winter because of the UV rays. Even if it doesn’t feel like it’s hitting you it’s hitting you. There are a lot of sunscreens that clog your pores and stuff. I’ve got a whole list of ones that don’t and I’ll link them all with all different price ranges in the description too.

Hopefully that’s helpful to you guys. Please I’m begging you wear sunscreen. If you don’t wear sunscreen you’re going to end up having sunspots wrinkles. Your elasticity in your skin meaning the tightness it’s going to be less tight because that’s whatthe sun rays do. Sun exposure gets me so riled up. Please wear your sunscreen.

They say you’re supposed to apply it every two to three hours … which I know that’s hard. Especially when you have makeup on during the day. You don’t want to put sunscreen on top of your makeup but there are sunscreen makeup powders. I know Chanel has one. Also SPF 30.

They say to do SPF 30 or higher because with SPF 30 you block out 95% of the sun rays. And if you go higher than SPF 30 obviously when you get to 100 SPF you block out 100%. But that’s also wearing zinc oxide which makes your face white.

30 is good enough. That’s kind of what you should do on a daily basis. Yeah. Please wear the sunscreen for me. Please. Please. I don’t care how old you are. Please. Before I started wearing sunscreen the thing that caused me to be so passionate about it I was in Mexico and I got a really bad sunburn. Now I have brown spots on the side of my face. That’s something that usually happens when you’re middle aged and I already have it.

Ever since that moment I have gone the complete opposite direction and now I’m a sunscreen freak. Facial massages are really helpful. I never knew this but it’s really good to just stimulate your muscles and get your circulation going in your face.

It really helps tighten the skin over time and it just creates better blood flow. I have a roller from ReFa. Hang on let me go get it. I actually want to show you guys because it’s honestly the best. Hang on.

So you buy yourself a roller. You can buy yourself those Jade rollers or you can get one like this. This one is probably one of the nicest ones I know of and they are having a sale right now. Also you can use my discount code ‘LEXI’ for additional money off.

By that point you’re getting close to $100 off which is amazing. This one is like a hybrid basically.

It has four different rollers. The two bigger ones on the bottom are for your back and stuff and the two front ones are smaller.

You can basically roll right here so you’re really working the muscles there in this area to prevent sagging jowls … which I already have a little bit of because I have really big cheeks I do it in the morning. It’s really good to do if you put oil on your face too.

But the cool thing about these rollers is that they slide so it’s not going to pull your skin if you’re not using an oil. Oh also it really helps get rid of inflammation it gets rid of swelling and it gets rid of dark circles under your eyes too. It really helps with all of that.

It just kind of creates more of youthful healthy look. Especially if you don’t get as much sleep at night it’s really good to do in the morning. You can keep it in your refrigerator or your freezer and use it when it’s cold.

That really helps wake up the skin and it’s one of my favorite things to do because it just feels so good on your face in the morning. It really feels like a legit professional massage when it’s just a roller. So yeah. if you want to get a face roller I’m sure there’s cheaper ones on Amazon too. But its one of my favorite little things to do for my self. Okay last one. Please keep your skin clean. Pleaseeee clean your make up brushes. dont use a sponge if the sponge is dirty.

You can just wash your hands and then use your fingers to blend it. Honestly just clean anything that touches your face. so wash your pillows at least once a week if not once every three days if you have oily skin and big pores like I do. Wash your face mask.

I never thought I would have to say that. But now with coronavirus Wash your face mask so that you don’t break out so that you don’t get extra bacteria and dirt in your skin. That will make you look older and have less glowy skin obviously if you have dirt in your face.

Also always wash your face before bed. You have to keep some products that you put on your face clean like brushes and masks and pillowcases.

But you also need to make sure your face is fully clear of any makeup before you go to bed because you need your pores to breathe. You can literally use any product. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive one.

Cetaphil from Walgreens or CVS is great. Oh no. My battery’s going to die. Oh my God. Oh my God. So basically I’ll just start by putting warm water on my face to open up my pores and then I’ll rinse with cold water to close my pores and tighten skin and end it with a moisturizer.

That’s always important. Because if your skin isn’t moisturized it’s dry and it gets fine lines and all of that stuff. Also I want to make one last point. Don’t use makeup wipes. Makeup wipes basically just pull your skin and it also moves the dirt around your face instead of taking it off.

A makeup removing cleansing oil is the way to go. I’ll link a few of my favourites below. It doesn’t pull your skin and it also is more effective in taking off your makeup. Okay. That is it. I hope you guys enjoyed this. Comment what video you want me to do next and that’s how I’ll know if you watched the whole thing. I love you guys so much and be sure to-

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