Gunjan Saxena Biography 2020

Gunjan saxena biography

Today we are going to talk about Gunjan Saxena biography and how she became a ray of hope in the darkness when the Kargil War was going on in 1999, let’s get started

A little girl at the age of 5 dreamed of becoming a pilot in the ‘Indian Air Force’.

At that time, it was believed that girls could not even drive properly, what to talk about flying a fighter plane.

At the age of 5, she had already decided to be a pilot in Indian Air Force

Gunjan Saxena was born in 1975 in the family of Army officials. Both her father and brother were in the army.

Gunjan Saxena said that her father supported her since her childhood and getting inspired by him she decided to become a pilot in the ‘Indian Air Force’.

Gunjan Saxena completed biography her schooling from Lucknow, after that she came to Delhi for graduation, where she studied in Hansraj college and started training for basic flying tips from Safdarjung flying club and only after a few months she joined the Indian Air Force.

In 1994 Gunjan Saxena joined Indian Airforce.

She was one of those who joined the ‘first female pilot batch’ of the Indian Air Force.

In first batch, only 25 females were chosen.

er training took place in Udhampur Jammu and Kashmir

but Gunjan Saxena was thinking something very big. She wanted to serve the country in a better way and she was waiting for the opportunity to come

and Gunjan Saxena got this opportunity in 1999

when Flight Lieutenant, Gunjan Saxena, and Flight Lieutenant Shri vidya Rajan were chosen by the Indian army for the operational task in the Kargil war.

In these operations, They had to evacuate the wounded soldiers of the Indian Army, as well as they, had to trace the positions of the Pakistani Army and handover the correct information to the army base.

while being on operation Gunjan Saxena did not fly the fighter plane but flew a small helicopter ‘CHEETAH’

We all know that ‘CHEETAH’ is not a fighter helicopter it is just a small common helicopter that was flown by Gunjan Saxena alone.

During her operation, she was also targeted several times by the Pakistan army.

Gunjan Saxena told in her interview that once a rocket launched over her helicopter, just missed the target so, we can see how Gunjan Saxena risked her life to evacuate the soldiers

and also brought accurate information for the Indian army which was very crucial for the operation to be successful.

Gunjan Saxena was not flying any fighter helicopter, she was flying a small helicopter named ‘CHEETAH’

which was normally used to carry goods from one place to another.

just imagine, how Gunjan Saxena used to cross India Pakistan border with a small helicopter and evacuated wounded Indian soldiers, this requires a lot of courage as in the darkness of night, Gunjan Saxena raised as a ray of hope

when she used to go to the other side of the border with her small helicopter ‘cheetah’ and from there brought our injured soldiers back India undertook two operations during Kargil war, Operation Vijay and the White Sea Gunjan Saxena was awarded ‘Shaurya chakra’ for her contribution in the operation ‘Vijay’.

and for her contribution, she is known as the ‘Kargil Girl’

we can think, at a time when the conditions were so adverse, even at that time, Gunjan Saxena did not give up the courage and accomplished her work and how she fulfilled her dream by breaking all the conservative barriers in the society As we all know, a movie is being made on the life of ‘Gunjan Saxena’ and is going to release soon I would urge all of you to watch the movie and after watching it we will come to know that how our patients can help us to win in any adverse condition Gunjan Saxena is a live example of how, with patience, we can conquer any adverse condition.

Gunjan Saxena biography
Gunjan Saxena biography

so, that’s all for today. we’ll be back with another biography for you

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