How to Boost Your Brain to Learn Anything Fast – Scientifically Proven Study Tips

you are going on a road trip and during the trip you encounter different cars after the trip if i ask you that do you remember this yellow colored car no yes you are right your answer will be no why so why don’t you remember actually this car was there you have seen that car but you you do not remember the reason is that this is a usual thing for your brain daily your mind receives plethora of information and it filters out on the information that it needs to store it filters out the important information let’s go to another road trip and again different cars are moving right and among these is a special car which is very unusual car why it is unusual look at this car it is having teeth it is having a tongue and look at its alien-like dome-shaped structure through right have you ever seen a car like this and it it does not have any tyres you can see this is very strange looking car i think you must have must not have seen this car ever in your life no will you remember this car if you really have seen it on the road yes you will why because it is very unusual situation for your brain it is a unique thing for your brain it is not a routine boring activity it is not a routine routine cause that your brain is accustomed to seeing so your brain thinks that this is very important thing so it will naturally it will remember this subconsciously it will try to remember this even if you consciously try not to remember this even then your brain will remember this so you are getting the point so what type of information your brain loves number one which is unusual information let me tell you another thing now let’s suppose you again go to a road trip right and you see there is an accident happened there a a car a broken car is lying in front of and in front of that car is the woman injured woman and she is bleeding right and she is crying with me i have blurred out the imagine in accordance with the youtube task right so i think you can imagine that situation right and when you remember this situation will you remember this car and this girl crying yes you will why because it’s an emotional side so another thing that you have learned right now about your brain is that it loves to remember something that is related with human emotions are you getting the point another thing on this road trip there may be different billboards attached on the on this what is this on the road on the side of roads right but of course there will be maybe hundreds of such billboards right but will you remember you you must have seen many of those billboards of course while especially if you are driving you cannot see each and every billboard but you must have seen a number of those billboards during your journey but can you remember each and every billboard no because your brain thinks it’s not important to waste your memory in remembering each and everything that is placed on these pill boards but let’s suppose you are a healthy diet lover you are a health freak and here there was a billboard regarding some health meals provider or something like that naturally you will remember this while because you are interested in it you will consciously put an effort to remember this right you will forget all other billboards but you will remember this so the third thing that you have understood about your brain about your memory is that it loves to remember those things in which you take keen interest right so let’s take a look that how this happens first of all you get the information sensing information from sensory organs of course what are your sensory organs you know eyes nose now what is this ears touch all these i’m not going to go into details right and then this sensory or the information from sensory organs goes to sensory memory which is a temporary memory it is not a memory it is a you can say a relay center right so in sense through sensory memory most of the information is discarded it is thrown into dustbin well i mean it is just discarded you cannot remember each and every information right only among these brain filter among these information brain filters out the important information and that it puts into first into short-term memory and then through rehearsal it puts it into long-term memory and you may forget uh during these situations right if you do not rehearse it properly right so the point is that let’s suppose you are getting all the information from from of all the calls but you will only put the information into short term and the long term memory of first unusual cars in second scenario of that situation accident situation and in third scenario of that information that is related with what that you are interested in right so three things we have learned up till now so what we have understood after now is that your brain loves to remember those things which are unusual or which is related to human emotions or that are related to your interest another thing about human mind let me tell you another thing now let’s suppose uh i asked you that what is the name of your best friend what will be your answer yes okay now i want you to close your eyes and think about zara zara okay so open your eyes now with this experiment what you have observed that her face might have uh or her side her her face or her side might have aim into your mind am i right yes so what does that mean there is very less chance that her voice you might have heard in your brain otherwise right now then it is more likely that her face may have came into your sight into your brain into your mind into your conscious mind so what we understood by this is that your memory is mostly consisting of visual memory so it so what we have learned is that 80 of your memory is visual memory right last thing about your brain is that your brain hates random information we are not made to remember random numbers random facts and these random things for these things computers are there or notebooks are there to jot down these things right your brain can only remember of course you can cram those things random things but your brain can nicely and easily remember that information which is related to the information that you previously know i am gonna explain you this point just now let’s suppose i tell you the a medical fact that ac doses can lead to hyperkalemia i assume that you do not know this information already so it would be a random fact for you right so will you remember this i think you may forget it within a few minutes or maybe even within a few seconds so let’s make it unforgettable for you acidosis means buildup of acid in our blood is it as you know from your previous knowledge that acid is something which donates proton so acidosis means buildup of protons in your blood buildup of excessive protons in your blood buildup of excessive hydrogen ions in your blood this is acidosis right when lots of protons build up in your blood then you have your peripheral cells and what these peripheral cells will do they have their own internal peaceful environment they have a narrow range a narrow range of protons inside them they have an adequate amount of protons inside them and they are peacefully they are enjoying this peaceful internal environment but when protons build up in blood they will sacrifice their internal peace they sacrifice their internal peaceful environment and they will pick up these protons and they will take this proton inside them right then what will happen when protons will build up inside them what will happen their internal peace will be destroyed now they are crying why they are crying because they are being burned by this acid well not literally but of course their enzymatic and biochemical machine they will somewhat suffered right and along with that you know positive charge will build up because protons are positively charged right and because of buildup of positive charge we need not wait these cells need to get rid of this positive charge and what they will do cells are rich in potassium they have lots of potassium as dr nadeeb says cells are bags of potassium so they will throw out potassium they will pick up protons and they will throw out potassium and because of potassium that they throw out there will be hyperkalemia hyperkalemia increase in potassium level so now you know acidosis how acidosis can lead to hyperkalemia and now because you know the reason you will easily remember it and you will almost never forget it if you repeat this why we have applied all those principles we have made cells in a very unusual way right cells with the humanoid figure you might not have seen such cells ever in your life of course cells are not like that right and along with that we have involved human emotions in this thing they are sacrificing and then they are crying and all these things second principle right uh second principle and then third principle is that we have made it in a visual way and fourth thing is that we have correlated this information with the information that you already know we have made connections how come you already know that from your previous knowledge that acid is something which donates proton i think it’s an argenious concept i don’t remember this thing but i only remember the definition of acid right so we have made a connections with the previous information right so now it is it would be much easier for you to underst because you have understood it will be it will be much easier for you to remember this as dr rajeev says that lasting knowledge comes from clear concept so here are my final study tips what you have to do is that you have to draw everything that you learn let me tell you from very basic first of all what you have to do if you are studying a book you have to uh okay let’s suppose i am studying a book here and i what i will do is that i will try to read it very slowly and as i read this information i will make a visual concept or visual memory of that information i will imagine that information happening in front of my eyes that’s how okay i read that acidosis means buildup of protons so i will imagine that okay there are different protons that are in blood right so first thing is this then what you have to do that you have to draw everything that you learn right then you have to make these drawings unusual and colorful we all are grown up adults but our minds are still kissed why because our mind loves colorful bright things it loves to remember these colorful things so that’s why i am saying that you have to make them unusual and colorful for example if you are studying biochemistry you can make cartoonish enzymes humanoid figures as i’ve done in this example then of course you can involve human emotions as i have explained in this example and another example is that you can make an enzyme that is blocked by an inhibitor and that enzyme you can show as crying enzyme it is sad because it is inhibited by inhibitor right then this is very important point that you have to take a keen interest in your studies if it is difficult for you to take interest in your study it means that you need to switch your field of study not everyone can be a doctor not everyone can be a software engineer not everyone can be a chartered accountant it all depends upon how much interest you take so you should only opt that field of study in which you are keenly interested in that way it will be much easier for you to study and to become a good professional in your life fifth point is that you have to learn the basic underlying mechan underlying mechanism of anything that you study if you do not know the basics you will forget it today or tomorrow i i promise you this thing so learning advanced thing without knowing a basic is like building a multi-story building that has no base and because a multi-storey building that has a no base it will eventually fall down and everything will be destroyed so it is a dangerous thing to trying to cram up the things without knowing the base right final thing is that never study review books first review books are meant to be review books of course it’s an obvious thing but you should only study the view books when you already know the base when you have watched some video lecture or you have already studied it from a good reference a good textbook also right finally i would like to thank dr najeeb because of whom i am what i am he is the undoubtedly world’s best teacher this video is not sponsored by dr najeeb he has not given me any money for taking his name in this video but he has given me and millions of other medical students something which is beyond money which is most precious and expensive thing in the world the knowledge and clear concepts if you do not know dr Najib please watch his lectures please give your precious comments regarding this video thank you so much

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