Kalpana Chawla Biography in Hindi | Kyu Hua Tha Crash? What Happened to Kalpana Chawla in Space

India’s first woman Kalpana Chawla explored space and she died on 1 February 2003 when she was returning from space.

Kalpana Chawla always said that she is made for space.

Always spent her time for space and she will die for it. And it was true.

At the age of 41 she explored space for 2nd time When she was returning from space, She died in a tragedy.

It becomes interesting to know about that space tragedy.

Kalpana completed her 1st space journey in STS 87 COLUMBIA SPACE SHUTTLE.

And the duration was from 19 November 1997 to 5 December 1997.

In her 1st space exploration she spend 372 hour in space and completed 252 rounds of Earth.

In 2003, she went in space for her 2nd space exploration.

It was 113th mission of Columbia Space Shuttle STS-107.

STS-107 launched from Earth in 16 January 2003.

Now Kalpana was in Space.

1 February 2003 was the date of her return from space.

Every news channels was showing about her return from space.

It was the biggest news of that day.

STS -107 was moving toward the Earth.


just before 16 minutes of landing. Space Shuttle blasted into peaces Kalpana died in that tragedy.

Other 6 astronauts from her crew were also died in that tragedy.

After this tragedy NASA inspected about that incident.

In this inspection they found that in the day of launch, in 16 January 2003.

one part of foam insulation of outer tank was broken . Which affected the left wing of orbiter some engineers believed that this damage was too big for space shuttle NASA managers said that If crew were knowing the problems they should fix that problem

In 1 February when the space shuttle was entering the atmosphere of Earth because of that small damage Hot air of atmosphere entered to the internal wing structure because of that space craft broken down into peaces.

And all the astronauts died in space shuttle Friends

Kalpana Chawla was born in Karnal a city of Haryana on 17 March 1962 His father’s name was Banarsi Lal Chawla and her mother’s name was Sanjoti. She was the youngest among four siblings.

she completed her primary education from Taigore Bal Niketan Senior Secondary School, Kernal She wanted to be an aeronautical engineer from childhood.

But Her father wanted to make her a doctor or a teacher But she always admires space and wanted to explore space from childhood. To fulfill her dream

Kalpana took admission in Panjab Engineering College for aeronautical engineering.

And got a degree of aeronautical engineering in 1982 After that she went to America In 1982 She took admission in Texas University for aerospace engineering degree She completed and got that degree in 1984 Her desire to be an astronaut was so strong and she got another degree in 1986 in aerospace engineering.

And after that In 1988 she completed her PhD from University of Colorado Her dream was to fly from childhood To complete her dream she paid too much dedication After completing her degree She started work with NASA in 1988 Then Shifted in America.

In 1991 she got the citizenship of America.

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