Shakuntala Devi Biography I The Human-Computer 2020

Shakuntala Devi Biography I The Human-Computer

Type Or Paste Your Text Here To Convert Casefive Four Six Three Seven Two Eight Nine One

Now You Would Be Thinking That What Does This 9 Digit Number Means?

This 9 Digit Number That You Can See On The Screen Is The 23Rd Root Of A 201 Digit Number Can You Even Think? 23Rd Root Of A 201 Digit Number

Now Probably You Would Think That This Must Have Been Calculated By Some Calculator Or Computer But This Isn’t True

This 23Rd Root Has Been Calculated By A Great Mathematician In Her Mind And That Too In 50 Seconds Only Computer Took 61 Seconds

But She Did In Her Mind In 50 Seconds Only She Is A Well-known Name In The Field Of Mathematics Her Name Is ‘Shakuntala Devi’

Shakuntala Devi Was Born In Bangalore In An Orthodox Brahmana Family She Was Borne To A ‘Kannada Brahmana’ Family Her Grandparents Were Priests

And Her Grandfather Wanted Her Father Too To Become A Priest But Her Father Had No Interest In Becoming A Priest

Shakuntala Devi Biography
Shakuntala Devi Biography

And When Pressurized By The Family To Become A Priest, He Left Home. And He Joined A Circus

Working At The Circus He Learnt A Few Magic Tricks. One Night, When He Was Playing Cards With Her Daughter He Found Her Daughter To Be Exceptionally Genius

He Noticed That He Was Defeated By Her Daughter Despite She Was Not Able To Understand The Game But She Could Remember The Cards And Numbers

Her Father Experimented With Her Unusual Talent He Found Her To Be God-gifted

Children Of Her Age Would Be Amazed To See How She Was Able To Remember So Many Numbers She Was Talked About By Her Friends And This Is How She Became Popular Gradually Having Noticed All This, Her Father Left The Circus And Started Doing Shows On The Road.

Showing Her Talent In Road Sideshows, He Used To Ask People To Ask Her Daughter Various Calculations And Numbers And She Would Calculate It. This Is How She Started Getting Popularity She Was Invited To Demonstrate Her Calculating Capabilities At The University Of Mysore At The Age Of Six.

And She Was Asked To Answer Long Calculations And She Quickly Answered All The Calculations

Her Memory Was So Sharp That She Could Remember Nearly Everything She Admitted That She Is God-gifted She Had No Formal Education And Degrees

She Didn’t Even Know English But She Learnt Herself By Listening To Others Talking In English She Travelled All Around The World Because Of Her Talent

She Demonstrated Her Talent In More Than 120 Countries But She Never Travelled To China And Russia Because China And Russia, Both Are Communist Countries

And Contrary To Her Belief, These Countries Don’t Believe In God And Shakuntala Devi Believed Her Talent To Be God Gifted.

Therefore, These Are Two Contradicting Beliefs. In 1955, She Was Invited By The Bbc And The Host Asked Her Very Complex, Long And Random Calculations.

And She Answered Everything, Very Quickly. But The Host Said All Of Her Answers Were Wrong But When The Answers Were Rechecked, She Was Right And The Answers Of Hosts Were Wrong.

And Then Onwards She Came To Be Known As ‘human Calculator’. She Found Numbers To Be Very Beautiful

She Believed That Numbers And Mathematics Can Define Our Personality, World And Even The Entire Universe. This Is How She Became A Mathematical Ambassador

In 1977, At The Southern Methodist University In Dallas, Shakuntala Was Asked To Give The 23Rd Root Of A 201 Digit Number, You Can Imagine How Much Big Number It Is She Solved It In 50 Seconds.

The Univac Computer Of That Time Had To Be Programmed Specially To Find The Root Of A 201 Digit Number Even Then The Computer Took 62 Seconds To Find The 23Rd Root Of That Digit Which She Solved In 50 Seconds Only She Loved To Find Roots Of A Number Like Cube Roots And Square Roots.

In 1977, She Wrote A Book Named ” The World Of Homosexuals”. That Was The First Study Of Homosexuals In India But She Was Criticized So Much For Her Book.

She Married “Paritosh Banarjee”, An Officer In Indian Administrative Services.

But Both Got Separated In 1979 Anupama Banarjee Is Her Daughter. Her Popularity Was Now Rising Rapidly

In 1980, In The Imperial College Of London, She Calculated The Multiplication Of Two 13 Digit Numbers In 28 Seconds Only.

You Would Take Around 26 Second Or Something Even To Recite Or To Write The Calculated Number. But She Calculated In 28 Seconds.

Both The 13 Digit Numbers Were Selected Randomly And You Can See The Answer Of The Historic Multiplication Even The Mobile Phones Succumb To This Much Long Calculation Her Calculation In 28 Seconds Got Her Name Registered In “Guinness Book Of World Record”.

Besides This, Shakuntala Devi Has Written Many Noted Books

She Was Also Interested In “Astrology”, As Her Family Members Were An Astrologer By Profession Her Well-known Books Are: The Joy Of Numbers, Book On Puzzles And Book On Astrology And In 1976, She Wrote The Book “Perfect Murder”, Based On A True Story. The Book Got Famous.

In 1980, As An Independent Candidate, She Contested An Election From South Mumbai For The Lower House Of The Parliament.

She Got 6,514 Votes And Came At 9Th Position She Lost The Election Against Indira Gandhi

In 1988, Arthur Jenson, A Professor Of Psychology From The University Of California Called Upon Her.

And Asked Her To Find The Cube Root Of An Eight-digit Number You Can See The Number On The Screen She Calculated In 5 Seconds.

Then He Asked The 7Th Root Of A 9 Digit Number And She Quickly Calculated It Also The Answers Were 395 And 15 That She Calculated In 5 To 6 Seconds.

As Soon As He Could Note Down The Numbers, Shakuntala Devi Calculated Their Roots In 1990, He Mentioned The Name Of Shakuntala Devi And These Two Numbers In His Journal “Intelligence”.

Although Shakuntala Devi Believed Herself To Be God Gifted She Also Believed That Anyone Can Sharpen Their Calculating Skills With The Help Of Vedic Mathematics Techniques

Vedic Mathematics Helps You Calculate Fast

She Has Also Mentioned About Vedic Mathematics In Her Books

She Believed That Puzzles Are Also Very Helpful For Making One’s Mind Creative And Active There Is A Vedic Mathematics Series On Our Channel. Do Visit It, If You Want Your Calculations To Be Fast.

Shakuntala Devi Also Earned Many Awards For Mathematics, Some Of Them Are: ‘most Distinguished Woman Of The Year Award’ 1969, In 1988 She Was Awarded ‘ramanujan Mathematical Genius Award’ In Washington D.C.

And In 2013, She Was Honoured With ‘lifetime Achievement Award’.

In April 2013, At 83 Years Of Age, She Died Of Respiratory Illness.

At The Same Year, November 4Th 2013, On Her 84Th Birthday, Google Honoured Her With A Doodle.

Recently A Movie, Named ‘shakuntala Devi’, Has Been Made On Her Life The Actress ‘vidya Balan’ Has Played As'”Shakuntala Devi”

So, To Know The Beauty Of Mathematics And To Get A Glimpse Of The Extraordinary Life A Mathematical Genius, Watch The Movie.

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