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What is technology

  1. What is technology
  2. Why is technology so important?
  3. What are the advantages of technology?
  4. How does technology affect us?
  5. When was technology created?
  6. Why is technology important in globalization?
  7. What technology has changed the world the most?
  8. What are the disadvantages of using technology?

What is technology

What is technology 

Technology is techniques and processes For Production OF goods Services That help Human To Work Faster.
The Easiest Form Of Technology is Use of Basic Tool To Development.

Why is technology so important?

At this Time In 20th Centuries Of our Human. At This Time The Technology Is Food OF Human-like that.
Human Can’t Leave Without the Internet. Mean Human Can’t leave Without Technology.
We Have Many Advantage Of Technolgy And Disadvantage Of Technology

What are the advantages of technology?

There Are many advantages of Technology. We Use Technology Is our day to day life.
With technology advancing more people are able to have access to supplies such as freshwater and food
Technology make any family or business feel safer with the help of security devices and software
Technology is Half of the educational system.
Without Technology There No Education
There are Many Point That I will not mention Hare If I mention It Them I need continually write 2 year’s its just joke

How does technology affect us?

First Thing I want to tell you if We use Anything Then We Will addicted to that thing when we are not able to control that thing.
That means If we control ourselves self Then we will not Get Addicted On Anything.Someone get addicted on the vehicle also it’s mean that person love That thing that time he addicted to that thing There many reasons How person addicted to anything

Technology addiction
Sleep problems
Emotional problems
Negative effects of technology on kids
Positive effects of technology
mental and physical health
psychological issues such as distraction, narcissism, the expectation of instant gratification

When was technology created?

Hare Is To much Longer List  hare you can read it from my second article if just mention hare when first technology credit

4–5 billion years ago   = Sun starts to produce energy.
10 million years ago.   = Humans make the first tools from stone, wood, antlers, and bones.

Hare is to much log list Read it From hare.

1. Voice assistants
2. Crispr
3. Robot assistants
4. Augmented and mixed reality
5. Regenerative medicine
6. TV
7. Internet

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